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    Vibration discharger

    XMZDXL Vibration discharger


    ● Good sanitation
    ● Low consumption
    ●low maintenance


    XMZDXL discharger can achieve bulk materials discharging uniformly for all kinds of silos as concrete silos, steel silos and plastic silos ,and ensure discharging completely for round silo ,square silo and rectangle silo.

    Performance Characteristics:
    1. Low consumption —— XMZDXL vibrating discharger equipped small vibration motor to decrease energy consumption.
    2.Low maintenance requirements —— All bearings are permanent lubrication, no lubrication is needed in routine maintenance; the structure of vibration discharger is strong and maintenance-free, which reduces the maintenance time to the greatest extent.
    3.Reasonable design ensure good sanitation—— All components touching materials are all adopted streamlined geometry design ,ensure the discharging completely without any automatic grading device; this kind of discharger in dust-proof design to minimize material residue and avoid material residue essentially.


    Technical specification

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